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NumbersWiz is a growing bookkeeping firm that specializes in helping small to mid size businesses maintain their finances in an audit-friendly fashion at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in house full time bookkeeper.


NumbersWiz will work with any budget, offers exceptional service at nearly  unbeatable prices


NumbersWiz offers competitive packages which can be discussed in detail during an introductory consultation


Cassandra C Narcisse


Cassandra obtained her Bachelor's degree in Accounting from CUNY Brooklyn College. She has nearly 10 years of experience in the field, having served in mostly service-oriented businesses, including legal, printing & retail, and consulting.

Cassandra's passion lies in identifying cost saving opportunities, while taking over the entire accounting function away from busy entrepreneurs, as they focus on their strengths to generate more revenue for their business

Outside of work, Cassandra enjoys dinner, boat rides, reading (mostly finance and alternative medicine), and spending time with her close relatives


Telephone #  (347) 520-9779


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Cassandra C Narcisse, 10 years of experience in accounting, AIPB member