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We keep your books entirely using an accounting software, and monitor your cash and credit card activity.

Every month you get your financial statements,  (profit and loss, cash flow statement and balance sheet) and any other reports specific to your needs.

Your finances will be closely monitored while you focus on your business. In certain cases, you may have access to free accounting software, depending on the size of your business. That being said, purchasing QuickBooks is not always necessary!

We collect on past due receivables on your behalf, process your payroll through an online service and file your payroll tax returns

We prepare sales tax returns, and get your end financials ready for your tax preparer or file it  for you via our expertly trained enrolled agent at a discounted price!




We offer payroll services in house or contract a very affordable service provider.

We ensure your payroll deposits are made on time and we prepare the related tax returns

We address Department of labor notices and assist with payroll audits to help lower your workers comp premiums, find out how!

Overall, payroll doesn't have to be stressful

Tax & IRS Representation


We work with very talented tax professionals so that your year end does not have to be a burden.

We have reduced prices for income tax return preparation for your employees

Outsourced Controller/CFO services
If you already have a junior level bookkeeper or in house accountant and need an additional set of eyes to ensure that you are GAAP compliant, we are here for you. 
We can review your financials monthly and make necessary corrections and address your internal control deficiencies if any
Recruiting  Services

We recruit accounting staff on your behalf and administer rigorous accounting exams to ensure competency. We do not use pre-written test banks. We write our own and will work with you until you find the right fit


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